Postal annex

Postal annex


Products and Services: Post Annex offers a variety of services to businesses and individuals for business and critiAnnex Posti is one of seven brands owned by Annex Brands.

Others include Pak Mail, AIM Mail Center, Navis Pack & Ship, Care Packaging Store, Parcel Plus and Sunshine Pack & Ship. Annex Brands, founded in 1985 by Jack and Marta (“Marty”) Lentz, is the largest multi-operator company in the country, with more than 820 locations in the United States, Mexico, Canada and Japan.

The Postal Annex brand is one of the largest service chains of fulfilment centres for business and retail delivery in Israel. Each location serves a growing customer base of home businesses, small and large businesses and consumers by providing a variety of delivery options, from local content delivery to overnight invoice delivery.

call communications.

Get More Done in One Stop

These include private mailbox rental, notary public service, high-speed copying in black & white and colour, office supplies, faxing service, 4-colour printing, key duplication, greeting cards, assorted gift items and more, all in a convenient, service-oriented environment.

More Ways to Ship

Our main business is the packaging and distribution of all types of equipment and manufacturing processes, tested and constantly updated with changes in the industry. To give our customers peace of mind, we offer damage insurance worth up to $50,000 depending on the item.

Our experts will choose a variety of packaging from cardboard, foam, plastic foam, peanut packaging etc., and understand the needs of retail packaging and refer to insurance.

Post Attach can arrange the delivery of large and expensive items such as grandfather clocks, works of art and antiques via courier service. In addition, the spaces can accommodate large items such as cakes and car parts. A separate post will not be included as an attachment to the post.

Where Print Projects Get Done

Additionally, Post Attachment is a full-service photocopier that offers great value and quality personalised service. The shop can do both black and white copying, and additional services including binding, mailing, folding, laminating and coordinating all photocopying services. Free pickup and delivery is also available for merchants who are committed to participating location.

We’re Here So You Don’t Have To Be 

PostalAnnex also provides full mailbox rental service with a variety of sizes to meet the needs of both individuals and small businesses. Each location has complete fax services to complement small offices or home office based businesses.Postal service locations also include UPS shipping locations and FedEx shipping locations, providing multiple shipping options for packages and documents.

Post Attaché employs professional notaries who provide transparent, confidential and reliable services. Professionals are ready to quickly copy new keys and help you choose the right card or gift most of the time.


The purpose of Annex Brands, Inc. It is to develop a global network of brokers and business centres to provide comprehensive and professional services to consumers and businesses. We do this by receiving and shipping products by air, land and water. Unlike the media provider where there is only one delivery option.

Postal Annex allows customers to choose between UPS, FedEx and USPS. We believe that providing this option will give you more options to choose the option that best suits your needs. We also offer a variety of business services such as private mailbox rental, notary services.

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