Miami Dade Clerk

Miami Dade Clerk


The Miami Dade Clerk County Court and Probate Clerk maintains the largest volume of court documents and official records in the state of Florida and is the fourth largest judicial district in the United States.

The Clerk and Judge, under the leadership of Clerk and Judge Juan Fernandez-Barquin, continues to strive to improve services, access and use of technology as needed to serve the residents of Miami-Dade County.


The clerk of Miami-Dade County is a constitutional officer within the meaning of s. Section 5 of 16 of the Florida Constitution. The commissioner is elected to a four-year term by the voters of Miami-Dade County. The state constitution defines the officer’s duties, Florida statutes, Miami-Dade County statutes and court orders. The secretary performs the following duties:

  • Former Executive Secretary of Municipal Council
  • District Inspector
  • County Financial Controller – Pursuant to Section 5.03 of the Miami Charter, the 
  • County Clerk and Mayor shall appoint the County Financial Controller.
  • On all court records, official documents, marriage certificates and county commissions.

Judges and Correctional Officers serve the 2.7 million citizens of Miami-Dade County and support the operations of the 11th Judicial Circuit and district courts, providing professional services to the public, legal community , law and Miami-Dade. By 2022, the county clerk’s office will process more than 4.5 million electronic files and process more than $1.4 billion annually.


The Miami-Dade County Court and Judicial System serves the 2.7 million residents of Miami-Dade County. In addition, he supports the Judicial Division of the 11th Judicial Circuit and the District Courts, and provides professional services for Sciatica, Diarrhoea, Sciatica and the Miami-Dade County Commission.

The Clerk and Judge oversees the most important and important branches of official proceedings and records in the State of Florida and the fourth largest judicial division of the Zinducana system. Miami-Dade County has little competition. Applicants and employers are protected from discrimination in certain areas protected by local and federal laws.


Full-time and part-time county employees are eligible for automatic enrollment in the Florida Retirement System. This pension fund offers a variety of plans – including retirement and investment options – to help you prepare for your future. Miami-Dade County offers competitive wages, but only a fraction of what the county pays its entire workforce. Check out our benefits and learn more about how this category can help you and your family.

Holidays and Leave

Miami-Dade County offers a generous vacation package that includes:

  •  Two weeks annual leave
  • Military leave
  • GP licence for qualified staff
  • Paid leave of up to 13 days in accordance with the applicable collective agreement
  • 12 days sick leave for full-time employees
  • In addition to annual and sick leave, employees benefit from vacation and maternity leave.


Save money with employee discounts in Miami-Dade County. From sports tickets to rental cars, the District and its partners offer more than 100 to our working class communities. Treat yourself or find great deals on everyday items. It’s easy to find deals with our discount system.

Transit Passes

Save money and make it easy with the EASY discount card. The EASY card is an easy and safe way to pay for Metrorail and Metrobus tickets.

Miami-Dade County employees can receive monthly discounts and pre-tax savings by enrolling in the Monthly Payroll Reduction Program.

Travel anytime on Metrobus and Metrorail with the Employee (Company) Discount Card. The County Employee Discount Program uses a simple company card, not the regular simple card. The EASY Company card will be charged monthly for as long as the employee participates in the program.


To get started, first create your account. Once you’ve created your account, you can create an active agent that sends access directly to your email.

If you created a candidate profile before June 15, register and create a new profile to apply for available positions. Miami-Dade County implemented the new system and candidate information created on the previous platform was not changed.


We work with businesses to identify and help solve people problems, with a focus on performance management and disciplinary measures, employee development and knowledge transfer, ongoing work environment reviews and performance measurement and the research, what is missing, the resources and we are doing it. Compensation issues and professional development needs.

We benchmark the market and promote affordable and sustainable healthcare. Workforce programs include training, health and diversity. We offer residents and staff options to address and resolve claims of discrimination through investigation, mediation and arbitration.

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