JetBlue Careers

JetBlue Careers


When JetBlue first launched in February 2000, its mission was to get humans back into space. Twenty years later, we continue to put people at the centre of everything we do, because we inspire humanity.

But before we launched, our founders chose five guiding values—who we are, what we stand for, and what we’ll never give up. Our values ​​of safety, care, integrity, joy and happiness drive our culture and guide the decisions we make every day.

Featured Careers

If you can provide multiple services to a customer within 24 hours, Aviation Operations (AO) will do it for you. Our friendly staff and helpful AO members welcome customers with a smile and promptly arrange reservations and check-in.

To be successful on this site you need to be creative, have good computer skills and be able to deliver good results in Western Europe. Rolls are available on all JetBlue flights.

Customer Support

Customer service team members communicate with customers via phone or online chat, social media, and email. In many fields, they are natural problem solvers who provide customers with practical solutions and products 24/7. Most positions are located in Salt Lake City or Orlando, where crew members have the option to work from home.

First Officer

Our pilots are passionate about safety, customer service and caring for their crew. JetBlue pilots pride themselves on encouraging teamwork and hands-on decisions in the air and on the ground. Positions available at BOS (Boston), FLL (Fort Lauderdale), JFK (New York), LAX (Los Angeles) and MCO (Orlando). Whether you are an experienced pilot or a beginner, there is a lesson for you.

Ground Operations

Overseas (GO) sponsorships are easily available. The GO Group provides world-class aircraft, maintenance and training facilities at all times. Although there are strong ethnic divisions, fuel and garbage also support the work of GO employees.

The team values safety above all, has a positive attitude and helps out one another to get the job done. Roles are available at our larger stations, including our focus cities, including BOS (Boston), FLL (Fort Lauderdale), JFK (New York), LAX (Los Angeles) and MCO (Orlando).


As employees will tell you, “It’s a lifestyle, not a job!” Our dedicated flight attendants help JetBlue customers have an unforgettable experience .This role combines excitement and adventure, and comes with great responsibility, prioritising our customers’ comfort and convenience, flexibility and safety during holidays, weekends and peak hours.

Once hired, flight attendants are trained at JetBlue University in Orlando and then assigned (and must stay or travel) to six flight attendants (Boston), EWR (Newark), FLL (Fort Lauderdale). ) one of the characters. JFK (New York), LAX (Los Angeles) or MCO (Orlando).

JetBlue Travel Products

JetBlue’s travel products team is passionate about improving and enhancing their customers’ travel experience. Positions at this JetBlue branch range from corporate to frontline opportunities in three locations:

The Fort Lauderdale Inspiration Center (FLIC) in South Florida is where JetBlue Travel Products employees work to advance the JetBlue Vacations and Paisley brands and develop the future of travel through technology. Positions at FLIC vary from corporate positions, traditionally for both brands, and Paisly support positions.

The Salt Lake City Support Center (SSC) in Salt Lake City and the Orlando Support Center (OSC) in Orlando support JatBlue Vacations flight attendants by providing information and sales services to customers. JetBlue Vacations is for sale.

Support Centers

At  JetBlue, our offices are called “Support Centers” because first aid is at the heart of these organisations.

Our company includes the following:

  • Mortgage
  • Property, money, investments
  • Human resources
  • Communication technology
  • Advertisement

The Long Island City Support Center (LSC) in New York City is where employees from a number of traditional business units work to support successful businesses and operations.

The Orlando Support Center (OSC) in Florida is JetBlue’s training center and JetBlue University is our training center where all new pilots come for training and senior flight attendants receive pre-employment training.

Utah’s Salt Lake City Support Center (SSC) supports the in-house customer service department.

System Operations

I am confident that the aircraft and crew will be ready to market the aircraft. System personnel oversee airport operations and maintenance, aircraft scheduling and crewing, flight attendants, and traffic control. Some organisations are active in general operations, while others focus on specific areas, aircraft or stations.

Regardless of role, employees are highly skilled team players who communicate clearly and work under pressure. The System Administrator position is located in the System Operations Center (SOC) in the Support Center (LSC) in Long Island, New York.


At JetBlue, the difference is between race, ethnicity and geography. However, respect is one of our values ​​and we respect all our differences, background, age, ability, personality or gender. JetBlue is equally proud of inspiring humanity as inclusive leaders – not just doing the right thing, but doing it better.

JetBlue Equals represents our diversity and team effort. We believe that the uniqueness and unity, experience and expertise of our employees, our customers and our community is a great asset that can help our business grow and develop.

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