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IT Jobs in France

France is the biggest country in Western Europe and shares borders with Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium and Spain. IT JOBS The most important business sectors in the French economy include telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, banking/insurance, and construction. Over the last decade, using the Internet and implementing good business information systems has been of paramount importance.

Across Europe, including in France. As a result, the demand for IT professionals has increased dramatically and, as a result, France now suffers from an IT skills shortage. EU nationals (including Norway and Iceland) have the right to live and work in France without restrictions and without a work permit under EU free movement provisions.

Work practices

Working practices in France are not very different from those in the UK, but it is worth considering the following Businesses in France are highly organized and well structured with many of their organizational practices focused on administrative rules and practices. There is a strong vertical ranking in French business civilization. French bosses generally have an authoritative approach.

Job application

Like almost all countries in the EU, the application process in France consists of a CV and a cover letter. It is important to tailor your CV and cover letter to each company you apply to, highlighting your relevant skills and work experience. Most IT vacancies are now advertised online with some requiring you to fill out an online form. If you are sending your application by email, it is important to maintain the same formality as you would in a letter, emphasizing your interest in the company.

Living in France

The cost of living in France can be lower than living in the UK. France however is a hot destination for tourists and as a result, the cost of accommodation has risen dramatically over the last couple of years. Rental prices in the suburbs of some of the main cities can cost around 500 euros per month while centrally located apartments can cost from 1500 to 2000 euros per month

Accommodation for rent is provided according to location, condition, and quality. As you can imagine Paris is one of the most expensive places to live in France with prices close to what you would hope for to pay in London. Most specialist IT jobs will also be based in Paris.

Finding IT jobs in France

The IT skills shortage in France has resulted in a strong demand for IT professionals in a wide range of industry sectors. The most common IT jobs in France currently in demand include the expected developer and programmer skills such as Oracle, PHP, SAP, Java, Linux, and Perl as as well as for analyst roles, including data analysts, systems analysts, and financial analysts.

Financing options

Funding opportunities for upgrading and retraining to support the digital competencies of individuals and organizations are available in the form of loans, grants, and financial instruments. For the period 2021 – 2026, most of the activities in the digital transformation are funded through the Recovery and Resilience facility but also as Horizon activities, Erasmus+, ESIF, and EEA grant schemes.

You can find more on the French Recovery site and the sustainability plan in the article on the Digital Skills and Work Platform.

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