Excalibur luxury homes

Excalibur luxury homes


As people spend more time in their homes, the demand for luxury homes increases. Last year, many people sold their homes and started building on vacant lots, choosing a home that offered all the comfort, security and space. This should not be surprising. After all, it is in times of crisis like these that people realize the importance of a safe home during a pandemic. And if you can build tomorrow’s “new normal” dream home now for the very different world we live in, then who’s stopping you.

Boutique company

This is where the creators of Excalibur come into play. This is a boutique company specializing in the design, construction and custom finishing of medium and high-end homes. Under the independent leadership of Sergio “Serge” Sigiucco, the company has not only survived the worst times, but also thrived in overcoming the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

larger homes

People build bigger houses with more amenities than regular houses. Many of my clients want us to increase the use of land. I am currently building a number of homes that include home parks, gyms, theaters, offices, large kitchens and other amenities you would find in commercial real estate. “For them, home is where they now live, work and play,” said Serge, owner and manager of Excalibur Builders.

Excalibur Builders has built almost every style of home to date. Serge says that whether we are building a house from scratch or converting an old house into a new one, what matters most is the well-being of the clients and their families.

Quality over quantity

Excalibur Builders is very demanding on the quality of its projects. Quality is more important than quantity, which is why they work in tiny houses every year. If we are no longer able to accept potential customers, we will ask them to suspend the project or start the construction and design process just for them. This allows us to give each project the attention it needs so that each one can be completed and delivered on time,” said Serge. Service, reliability and service are the cornerstones of Excalibur Builders. In other words, customers get what they pay for and more.


We strive to retain customers. It doesn’t matter how long it takes my clients to talk to me. I will always call them. I make calls and answer messages when I’m on vacation. Even during the pandemic, when construction has stopped, we continue to work with our builders to demonstrate our commitment to deliver. This is how my team and I do what we do,” said Serge.

Collaborative process

This is a process related to the design and location desired by the client. Serge and his team work with their clients to create the best programs possible, combining the client’s interests with their own skills and knowledge. “From the first day we met with Sergio Cusco, he listened carefully to the needs and wishes of me and my family. He assured us that it would take a short time to complete the construction when the illness started.

” Attorney Irwin M. says, “His team greatly improved the original design of my home, which we are very happy with. In three weeks, we will be moving into a brand new, beautiful, new home that he designed for us. has constructed.” Amble, one of the most passionate customers of Excalibur Builders.

Like a marathon, military service

Building a beautiful home is like a marathon. You train for weeks or months before the race itself, like the construction period in a building where Serge and his team meet with customers, think and plan plans, and do all the right things. Like a marathon, everyone is excited to start the process. But as the race progresses, the runners get tired and start to slow down. Like completing the project on time and on budget.

Excalibur Homes

Georgia-based Caliber Homes focuses on the sale, leasing and management of real estate, particularly in the Atlanta and Nashville metropolitan areas. He has been in practice since 1985 and is a member of the National Association of Residential Real Estate Managers (NARPM)® and the National Association of Realtors (NAR)®. They emphasize training to keep their leadership as current and relevant to the field as possible.
The deposit and pet fee will be forfeited to the owner, and the same applies to late fees for failure to pay rent on time. Demand for residential construction is high and will remain at this level despite the current pandemic. People realized how important a well designed and built house is. However, construction costs continue to rise as the cost of basic raw materials such as steel increases significantly. Finding a good birth is also difficult these days.


As people spend more time at home, demand for luxury homes is increasing. In the past year, many people have sold their properties and started building on vacant land, choosing to build a home that has all the comfort, safety, security and space that they need or want.

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