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Accessibe Jobs


Accessibe Jobs is an application that helps people with disabilities to easily access the Internet. She edits websites about blindness, epilepsy, cerebral palsy and many other disabilities – even ADHD! This idea comes from businesses owned by a web development company and a marketing company. They learned about a new law requiring people with disabilities to access websites.

Knowing how much time and money it takes to access the internet, they created this inexpensive app that redirects websites instantly. Not only that, but it is adaptive to specific types of disabilities, which is very helpful. For example, the Accessible security features stop brightening and reduce colour. For 18 months they worked with lawyers, talked with experts to participate and meet people with disabilities. It’s about trying to understand what changes the site should use.

Not Just The Way To Get A job

Digital accessibility jobs focus on ensuring that all users can access websites, software, hardware, applications, and other digital tools regardless of disabilities or impairments. Your duties as a digital accessibility specialist involve working as a member of the user experience (UX) team to develop and test systems and applications that allow people with various disabilities to use digital products.

You work with digital learning developers and assistive technology specialists to create tools, such as voice-activated controls or other hot keys, that users can configure detailed work. Business advisors help businesses identify potential issues and develop and implement strategies to improve accessibility for all users.

Accessby is hiring a professional assistant in New York

AccessiBe is the market leader in accessibility solutions that help businesses boast accessible websites. Accessby is a key player in the movement of social media outside of business Working here, you’ll be surrounded by people who share your goals and passion for breaking down barriers to online access and making the internet a place for everyone. We appreciate and respect all people regardless of their background.

We employ people who are determined to succeed and are not afraid of rapid change. By working with the disability community and making web accessibility an option for every business, we are making a huge difference and impact around the world. We are looking for an experienced Marketing Manager to join our team.

As a Sales Associate, you will be responsible for developing and validating our partners’ marketing programs. Work closely with existing technical support, finance, product, and marketing teams to resolve customer issues and ensure high customer satisfaction. Additionally, they assist partner success teams with sales strategy and future customer relationship planning.

Main Features

  • Liaise with technical support, finance, products, sales and resolve customer issues.
  • Helping partners succeed in their marketing efforts.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction by managing communications and maintaining face-to-face communication.
  • Stay consistent with communication issues and strategies, focusing on improving customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • Keep presentations/information clean.

Why Is It Suitable to Join the team?

In addition to an extensive training and development program, there are many benefits like

  • The average salary for this position ranges between $60,000 and $70,000 and depends on your skills and experience.
  •  Career management and development opportunities
  • An opportunity to become a world leader on the Internet

We are proud of our culture. This is a big part of our success. We are like-minded people and celebrate diversity because we know that diversity of opinions and experiences builds strong teams. We take diversity and inclusion seriously and thoughtfully.

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AccessiBe’s mission is to make the Internet fully accessible to people with disabilities by 2025.

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